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Quartz is a manufactured product made up of quartz mineral pieces and resin. It comes in a wide range of colours and pattern. It is a highly durable material and can be used for multiple applications. White quartz mimics natural marble, giving you a timeless look without the worry of staining.



Porcelain slabs are available in various thicknesses and finishes for multiple applications. Since it is extremely hard and dense, it resists water and is highly durable. While commonly used for full wall cladding, floor to ceiling fireplaces, and flooring, porcelain slabs can also be used for countertops. The finish of these slabs is almost an exact replica to the highly sought after marbles. Stain resistant for very easy maintenance.

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Formed over millions of years from the earth, Granite is extremely hard and durable. Due to its natural properties, it can be porous and therefore needs to be sealed before installation. Available in many colours and patterns, with no two slabs the same, Granite can offer a unique look for projects.

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